The steps up a Concept Statement

The steps up a Concept Statement

I. Core components

 1. Product Description

What kind of product is the brand offering the consumer?

 2. Discriminator

What the key consumer benefit your brand/product can deliver?


II. Optional Components

 1. Reason to Believe

Why should consumers believe your brand/product delivers the benefit it promises?

This supporting justification for the Discriminator will often be an essential component of a concept statement. However, in some instances, a concept may be more convincing if the Reason to Believe is not expressed explicitly (e.g. when a brand’s values or persionality play a significant role).

2. Consumer insight

A concept will always be based in consumer insight. However, in some cases it may be necessary to include a statement of the consumer insight ass part of the written concept itself, to help provide a context for the subsequent brand/product propostion.

Golden Egg. Difference / uniqueness concept image

3. Strapline/slogan

A catchy one-sentence summary of the total proposition may help to make the concept  simpler and more impactful  and memorable.

4. Pictures

Photographs or drawings can help  to bring the words in the concept statement to life.